Danger- Weekly Photo Challenge

Danger on the Glacier

Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s Photo Challenge prompt was Danger! so I was instantly taken back to an excursion in Iceland. We were on our way to snowmobiling and, with the weather becoming increasingly hazardous, our driver navigated the narrow, icy roads across Langjökull glacier. Looking out the windows, we could barely see through the snowstorm. Even the monster truck we were on swayed in the winds. It soon became clear that we were in isolation, at the mercy of the unforgiving nature around us.




About half way to the destination the truck driver in front skidded off the edge of the road. The truck tilted dangerously as he had to perform an emergency stop. After some panicked Icelandic discussion over the radio transceiver, it was decided that the truck would be towed out. By us. The trucks were tied with heavy-duty towing rope while we waited anxiously. Our driver hurriedly settled back in his seat, proceeding to turn on the ignition while leaving the radio on to check on the other truck driver. The truck skidded left and right across the icy road while it pulled back in reverse. Although it was necessary to get the truck back on the road, it felt as though we ourselves may tumble down the steep edges, and I scrunched my eyes shut in panic.

Eventually, we felt something give as the trucks were both finally out of danger. After a round of applause and a breath of relief, we proceeded… Only for the truck in front to do the same again! And so began Round 2 of playing rescue team!

What photographs bring a sense of danger to you? I am looking forward to seeing other peoples’ responses! I hope that you have enjoyed my pictures, they are my own.

Emilie x


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