Full-time Job and a Blog- Can it work?

Full-time work and a blog- can it work?

Full-time Job and a Blog- Can it work?

For such a ‘particular’ and ‘organised’ person, I am one of the biggest procrastinators I have ever met. When I was just going to work every day then coming home and getting the daily chores done this wasn’t a problem. However, since I’ve started blogging I have been struggling to juggle everything. After some research, I found that I definitely wasn’t the only blogger trying desperately to keep up with demands, incorporating this into the delicate work-life balance that I had become accustomed to. So I decided to try some things out to help me answer the question: Full-time job and a blog- can it work? Yes, yes it can.

#1 – Keep a Weekly Schedule

Set Weekly Goals

This is a fairly obvious one. I am quite a visual person who loves making lists about everything, so it suited me to have a plan of what I wanted to get done. So, on paper, this was a great idea. Unfortunately, me being me, I didn’t stick to my daily tasks. Not one to give up, I’ve taken a key rule to weekly scheduling: always be realistic with your weekly goals. Looking back at the first week, the tasks that I set myself were ridiculous alongside my working week. To help in avoiding this, I have now got into the habit of setting a rough ‘end of week’ goal. I then write my daily goals the night before- this way, if something has come up mid-week it doesn’t mess up my whole week’s schedule and end up making me feel bad.

#2 – Try Bullet Journaling

I love being creative, and I’m a firm believer that when you feel in control of your tasks, you are more likely to do them. So I  purchased a blank journal, grabbed my best stationary and set to work with Instagram open on picture after picture of beautifully-planned pages. I kind of went off on a tangent with this one, and I’m not sure if what I created counts as a Bullet Journal anymore. However, what I did manage to design was a personalised task book with a space for everything to help me to plan and write posts and monitor my own goals. The journal really helped me to feel more organised and in control. So far, I have kept to the broken-down tasks so I would really recommend designing one of your own!

#3 – Have a notebook to take around with you, and take it EVERYWHERE


A simple, but really effective idea. Sometimes ideas for posts, or even whole paragraphs/posts, can be jotted down during a bit of spare time at work. Before trying this out, I would often sit on my break doing nothing. But since having my notebook I have managed to be much more productive without the pressure of it being a task I ‘need to complete’.

#4 – Write in bulk

This goes alongside the ‘notebook’ idea, because I now have loads of notes and drafts written so it is easier to quickly type up posts. Write up a load of posts when you have the time or are in a productive mood. This way you will have plenty to fall back on during busy weeks where you don’t have time to write anything completely from scratch. At first, this took a lot of stopping myself from immediately posting new pieces, which meant that I was re-sharing a lot of things. But I just thought to myself that it’s better to only have to do that initially than to end up having to do it repeatedly between posts.

#5 – Do the same with the visual elements.

Take photographs of everything!

If you are taking photos for a beauty post, take pictures of all of your other make-up while you have the time. Next, edit them all together and have them in a folder ready and waiting to go later on. Getting into the habit of doing this also inspired me to write posts I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. I also have a ‘miscellaneous’ folder of photos that might come in handy one day.

#6 – Sit at the table.


My least productive days have been those where I get home from work, sit on the sofa and switch on the TV. I convince that I will write something if the laptop is next to me, but it just doesn’t happen. The pieces that I have somehow managed to write at times like this have been poorly-written. They have also been uninspired and have taken so much longer to write. Since sitting at the table I have got so much more done. From the little tasks, like writing my ‘to do list’ or responding to emails, to writing whole posts in a short amount of time.

#7 – Be Prepared (… for the chance of a lifetime, be prepared for sensATIOnal news…)

Sorry for getting the song in your head… Anyway, preparation is key. I have now sorted the front room so that the table is always clear and everything I need is in reach. It sounds so obvious, but I didn’t realise how much time I spent faffing about getting everything together. It was such a chore in itself. By the time I was sat down and ready to go, the creative buzz had always disappeared. I also freshened up the colour scheme in the room to help me to feel ‘clearer’.

#8 – Light candles

This is one that I sort of just ‘noticed’, although it did go hand-in-hand with updating my working space. For some reason I am really productive when candles and wax melts are burning! It must be the scent and the ambience relaxes me or something. But whatever, it works for me.

#9 – Use Buffer (or similar)

I am still getting into this one. Being able to write a number of tweets to be posted on a schedule day and night is really useful. This is especially when I don’t have time to tweet at work or am too worn out in the evenings. However, I still sometimes struggle to set it all up. I think that setting aside my morning coffee time to do this would help.

#10 – Don’t be too hard on yourself

There will be some days, or even weeks, where you are not going to get things done, and that’s okay. I have a habit of being really disappointed in myself if I don’t complete a task. However, since practicing some empathy for myself  I have found that I am much more productive. What’s more, blogging has become less of a chore. It is slowly going back to being the hobby that I loved in the first place. Sometimes it’s ok to just snuggle up on the sofa!

Sometimes it's ok to chill on the sofa!

So, there we have it, I hope that you get some use from these ideas! Do you have any great tips to share? Please leave a comment below! If you’d like to read more, check out my homepage!

Emilie x

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