Order- Weekly Photo Challenge


Weekly Photo Challenge- Order

At first I was a little stuck upon reading that this week’s prompt was Order. I searched through my various photos to see if there was anything I’d already taken that I could use. Finding nothing, I tried taking new photos of various patterns around my house, however nothing seemed to inspire me. Deciding to come back to it, I sat down to update my Bullet Journal, and that’s when it hit me. I realised that ‘order’ didn’t necessarily need to be in terms of patterns and structures that can be seen. It could be represented by the thing that is helping me to organise myself and feel less overwhelmed recently. So, here it is: a simple photograph of a page in my bullet journal. The page is simple with just an outline structure, ready for me to complete.


I have set out my bullet journal so that it works on a monthly basis- less overwhelming for me. It includes space for me to see each month as an overview, target setting, tracking targets, social media tracking and reflections at the end of the month. Soon, I hope to write a post based on how I’ve structured the journal in more detail and how it has helped me!

Have you started a Bullet Journal, or would you like to? What helps you to keep order in your life? Leave a comment below and I will reply!

Emilie x

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  1. Emilie, thank you so much for the follow that now emblazons my blog, greatly appreciated and you are warmly welcomed aboard. Like the images on your Iceland post. So many places to see, cultures to explore ……..Isn’t all so much fun and such an education too. Happy traveling 🌍 MM🍀

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