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This week’s photo challenge prompt was ‘wanderlust’, and what better way to celebrate this than a throwback to my adventure in Sapa, Vietnam! I will be writing a blog series on my travels to Vietnam very soon, but here is a sneak preview. I just couldn’t help myself considering the prompt this week!

Wanderlust- Misty Mountains

The mountains of Sapa are breathtaking; majestic towers of green rising way above the misty clouds. In fact, if you love the feeling of freedom, fresh air and complete peace and harmony, this is your haven.

Misty Mountains

The town of Sapa is situated in the North Western region of Vietnam. The area consists of buildings on the steep mountain sides, a beautiful market square and quaint coffee shops, overlooking stunning valleys and rice terraces. A trip to Vietnam is simply not complete without a visit to this wonderful town, and the small hill-tribe villages around it.


Wander out of the town and consequently you will be greeted by the most stunning, picturesque views. You can enjoy daytime treks while resting at home-stays at night to really experience the beauty of the place. The locals here are incredibly friendly, dishing up home-cooked feasts and rice wine and karaoke to get the party started afterwards. Finally, you can finish off a long trek with a refreshing dip in the calm rock pools.



What photo sums ‘wanderlust’ up for you? I’d love to see!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos, you can find more in my Gallery . I will also be writing a blog series on my travels in Vietnam soon, its lots of tips on places not to be missed. Remember to subscribe/follow on WordPress so that you don’t miss out! In the meantime, you can follow my travels to Reykjavik, starting with the Northern Lights !

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7 thoughts on “Wanderlust- Weekly Photo Challenge

  1. Vietnam nature is so beautiful. It’s one of the countries I would love to see, but I think my anxiety to sit in a crowded plane will prevent it (laugh). Thanks for sharing the images, very beautiful 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome, I’m glad you enjoyed! I am going to be writing some travel tip posts on Vietnam soon if you’d like to take a look 🙂 anxiety is terrible, and I see what you mean about the crowded plane. The thing to remember is that because the planes are larger to go long distance, it won’t feel quite as crowded, and most of the flights go through the night so you may be able to look into something to help you sleep possibly. It’s always worth looking into! I hope that you find a way to explore 🙂

  3. Nice and colourful post. You remind me my memories from this destination a couple years ago! BTW – You have interesting blog as well! Bye. Kamila

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